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  • - Iron-on print, meaning you iron it into your clothing peace. 
  • - Customize any clothing you want, however you want.
  • - You can for example put the print on the sleeve of a hoodie, on the back of a tee, or on the legs for a pair of pants. The possibilities are endless!
  • - Works with any material as long as the material can be ironed. 
  • - Approx. 10x10cm in size. 
  • - Order 3+ Prints and get an automatic discount of 15% applied at checkout.


    This one is for all the thinkers out there. It's completely okay to be in your head sometimes and to have racing thoughts or plan things out, just make sure to not get stuck in your head 24/7. 

    This is represented by the thinking statues with a butterfly landing on one of them, symbolizing that sometimes you need to take a break and appreciate what goes on outside of your head.

    Read more about the thoughts behind the brand by reading The DFKT Mindset.

    6% of all profits are donated towards mental health research.


    1. Preheat your iron. Iron your the surface on your clothing where you'd like to place your print until the surface is flat.

    2. Place your print with the rough and white side down against the clothing surface. The colored side of the print should be facing up.

    3. Firmly press the iron on the print for 30 seconds without moving it. Lift and repeat until the whole print has been pressed.

    4. Wait for 3-4 minutes. Slowly and smoothly peel off the print paper.

    If the print hasn't fully transfered into the clothing peace, repeat steps 3 and 4 until the print has fully transferred.

    Please note that prints with thinner lines such as the Bubbles Linework and Euphoria prints may require more repeated presses. The thinner lines are not guaranteed to stick completely.


    All products are made to order. This means all orders are pre-orders.

    All preorders will be produced at the end of each week. Production time is approximately 10-20 days. Once the preorders have been produced I will pack and ship them immediately. 

    Doing preorders is also a lot kinder to the environment as I don't need to produce and keep unnecessary stock, I only ship what is ordered and demanded.

    Read more on my Info Page.

    10% DISCOUNT

    Get a 10% discount on your next order by posting a picture with your DFKT piece(s) on your insta story! Here’s all you need to do: 

    • Take a picture of you wearing your DFKT piece. 
    • Post it to your story and tag me (@dfkt_clothing) in it. 
    • Once I see it I’ll DM you a discount code for 10%. 
    • The code you get can be used once and you can get 5 codes a year. 

    You can also use my referral system to get a 10% discount. You refer someone to DFKT by sending them an invite link to this website. Once they do they get a 10% discount code, and you’ll get a 10% discount code for every friend you refer. 

    Click the “Get 10% off” button to the right of the website to start refering!  


    All orders are shipped from Sweden. 

    Read more about shipping, tracking and returns on my Info Page.

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