6% Of Profits Are Donated To Mental Health Research

DFKT - A Symbol For Loving Yourself

DFKT is for all of the people who are ready to change their perspectives, mindsets, and lives. It’s for the people who are ready to love who they are. 

Let's face it, none of us are ever truly "normal".

We all have shortcomings and flaws. These are our defects. DFKT represents turning your defects into strengths by accepting that they are what makes you unique and shape who you are. By thinking like this, you can learn to be proud of your defects, love who you are, and improve your life. 

With a combination of unique prints and inspiring stories, I aim to help people love themselves and carry themselves with confidence, which in turn allows them to create a better life for themselves. 

My vision is for DFKT to become a symbol of loving oneself, being proud of who you are, and getting through life with a positive perspective. 

I Decided To Start Loving Myself 

Ever since I was young, I’ve suffered from issues with my mental health and felt like there was something wrong with me. When I was around 18, I was tired of hating myself. I decided to change my mindset and do everything I could to start loving myself. I realized that the way I think differently makes me who I am, not into something disgusting. I changed my perspective on myself and I became happier and more confident. I wanted everything in my life to reflect this change, including my clothes. 

The Birth Of DFKT

But streetwear around that time was, and still is, very negative and depressing, filled with dark graphics depicting themes such as violence, death, and weapons.

I wanted to create something different. 

In 2019 I created DFKT, a brand with dreamy, vibrant, and positive graphics. The thought of the brand was, and still is, to help and inspire people to make the same change I did. To carry themselves with love and confidence. To turn their defects into something to be proud of, and ultimately, to love themselves.