Logo Hat | Affordable Streetwear Hat | DFKT
Logo Hat | Affordable Streetwear Hat | DFKT
Logo Hat | Affordable Streetwear Hat | DFKT
Logo Hat | Affordable Streetwear Hat | DFKT


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    • The hat comes in a black colorway.  
    • Made from 100% cotton to keep you cozy.   
    • Embroidered logo 
    • Adjustable fit. 
    • All orders are shipped with recyclable packages. Includes a personalized thank you note and one sticker per product purchased 


Every time you put this hat on I want you to remind yourself of the DFKT mindset. The DFKT mindset means turning your defects or shortcomings into strengths by accepting that they are what makes you unique and the person you are. It doesn't matter whether they are mental, physical or societal. By accepting these shortcomings and thinking positively about them you can live a happier more confident life. Or you can work on the to feel better. The goal is to use DFKT's designs and graphics to help you think more forward, feel positive and be your best self.


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