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The Design Process


This design was originally a painting I did at my homies house. I just started painting something and it turned out to be a levitating person, whom I decided was going to dissolve into energy. 

Then after that I cut out the character and put it into photoshop. Pretty sure I used the wand tool.

After this I changed the color to green as that's usually my go to color 😎💚

After that I added some glow on the inside of the character to make it pop more and give it a little more dreamy feel.

After that I changed colors again to purple and adjusted the curves a little to add some brightness.

After that I tried to make some mockups on it but I felt like something was missing. I decided to add some fireworks to the background to add that feeling of euphoria and emotions exploding.

I found a good photo on unsplash and added it to the background

After that I cut out the lower fireworks using the wand tool and I put an inner glow on them to give them the same feeling as the levitating person.

After that I simply duplicated the fireworks and changed the color on em to make sure they matched the character.


This is a little more simple walkthrough as the real deal obviously took longer and some of these things were stuff I was just trying out between. But I think it ended up really good and now it's one of my fav designs. I hope you liked seeing the process and that you felt like you could take or learn something from it!

Aiming to post the process behind one design every other week!