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My name is Jack, I am DFKT, and this is The DFKT Mindset.  

Let's face it, none of us are ever truly "normal". We all have shortcomings and flaws. These are our defects. The DFKT mindset is about turning your defects into strengths by accepting that they are what makes you unique and shape who you are. By accepting your defects and thinking positively about them you can work on them to feel better & live a happier more confident life.  

I’ve suffered from issues with my mental health during a huge part of my life, and I’ve always believed my brain doesn’t work like most peoples brains do. When I was younger I believed there was something wrong with me, that I came out defective, and that I was always going to be worthless. But as I grew older something changed. My mindset changed. I realized that while I do think differently from other people, that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me. That makes me unique, and it’s what makes me into who I am. I started to change my perspective on myself and thinking a lot more positive, and slowly I became happier and more confident. Today I’m feeling better than ever, my mindset is a lot more balanced, I try to always be positive, I’m very confident in myself and I love who I am. I have my ups and downs of course, but I’m loving my life and I’m always working on bettering myself.  

As someone who has had a lot of issues with mental health during my entire life, I’m very dedicated to helping others with their mental health. I know how much of a difference your mindset and perspective really can have, because it changed everything for me. My goal with DFKT isn’t just to make clothes, it’s to make clothes with a strong mindset behind them that can inspire people to change their mindsets, their perspectives, and their lives. 

I’m very passionate about helping both myself and others always elevating your mindsets and becoming the best version of ourselves. My goal in life is to build a life for myself where I’m making a living by doing something that I love and enjoy, and where I’m surrounded by loving people that I can create amazing experiences with. With DFKT I want to help motivate you to achieve that dream as well. 

My goal is to make unique, thought provoking designs and use DFKT's graphics to help you think and feel positive, and to motivate and inspire you to change your life by developing a positive mindset. 


Of course DFKT isn’t only about the mindset. It’s also about making sure that you can look good and style fire outfits effortlessly when you put on DFKT. The clothes must be comfortable to wear and therefore easy to relax and feel comfortable in. They should also be of high quality and should last long, given they receive proper care. The goal is for my clothes to make you feel more relaxed, confident and proud about yourself, either if you're chilling at home or showing off your style outside.   

I'm always aiming to have my products be affordable, as DFKT should be accessible to everyone. 

DFKT. It's a style. It’s a mindset. 

DFKT Clothing is based in Lund, Sweden and was started in 2017 but registered in 2019.