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The Core of DFKT is built up by three parts.  

The first part is the DFKT mindset. Let's face it, none of us are ever truly "normal". We all have shortcomings and flaws. These are our defects. The DFKT mindset stands for turning your defects into strengths by accepting that they are what makes you unique and shape who you are. By accepting your defects and thinking positively about them you can live a happier more confident life. Or you can work on them to feel better. Whatever you choose, my goal is to make unique, thought provoking designs and use DFKT's graphics to help you think more forward, feel positive and be your best self. I hope to remind you of that every time you see a DFKT piece.  

The second part is to make sure that you can look good and style fire outfits effortlessly when you put on DFKT. The clothes must be comfortable to wear and therefore easy to relax and feel comfortable in. They should also be of high quality and should last long, given they receive proper care. The goal is for the clothes to make you feel more relaxed, confident and proud about yourself, either if you're chilling at home or showing off your style outside.  

The third part is that the clothes must have good prices and be affordable. The intention is that DFKT should be more affordable than competitors and give more bang for your buck than they do.  

For streetwear enthusiasts who want to look and feel good, DFKT is a clothing brand and a way of thinking that makes it easier to style fire and comfortable outfits as well as maintain a positive mindset. All this for a good price gives you a unique deal that no other clothing brands offer.  

DFKT. It's a style. It’s a mindset. 

DFKT Clothing is based in Lund, Sweden and was started in 2017 but registered in 2019.