6% Of All Profits Are Donated Towards Mental Health Research - Free Shipping In Sweden!


The DFKT Mindset

My name is Jack, I am DFKT, and this is The DFKT Mindset.  

Let's face it, none of us are ever truly "normal". We all have shortcomings and flaws. These are our defects. The DFKT mindset is about turning your defects into strengths by accepting that they are what makes you unique and shape who you are. By accepting your defects and thinking positively about them you can work on them to feel better & live a happier more confident life.  

My Background

I’ve suffered from issues with my mental health during a huge part of my life, and I’ve always believed my brain doesn’t work like most peoples brains do. When I was younger I believed there was something wrong with me. But as I grew older I realized that while I do think differently from other people, that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me. That makes me unique, and it’s what makes me into who I am. I started to change my perspective on myself and I became happier and more confident. 

My Goal With DFKT

As someone who has had a lot of issues with mental health during my entire life, I’m very dedicated to helping others with their mental health. I know how much of a difference your mindset and perspective really can have, because it changed everything for me. My goal with DFKT isn’t just to make clothes, it’s to make clothes with thought provoking designs that carry a strong mindset behind them that can inspire people to change their mindsets, their perspectives, and their lives. 

6% of all profits are alson donated towards mental health research to make sure DFKT can contribute to a positive development in the future of mental health.

The Quality of DFKT

Of course DFKT isn’t only about the mindset. Styling good looking outfits are effortless when you put on DFKT. The clothes are made to be comfortable and relaxing to wear, making them easy to feel good in. All pieces made with quality that last long with proper care. DFKT strives to make sure all products are affordable and priced to where you feel like you get more than you pay for. 

What are DFKTs Values?

Everybody has the right to express themselves and be who they are as long as they don’t hurt anyone.  

It is important to take care of yourself and to express love, especially to the people you are close with. 

DFKT believes it is important to treat all people with respect and to always do your best to help others when you can. 

DFKT. It's a style. It’s a mindset. 

DFKT Clothing is based in Lund, Sweden and was started in 2017 but registered in 2019.