Pronounced as "Defect".

DFKT aims to bring you clothes that are comfortable, relatively inexpensive and with a graphic heavy look that at the same time promotes an accepting, proud and positive way of thinking about yourself and your personality without affecting the look of the designs. 

We are all Defective, but that is something you have to accept, and realize that you are still beautiful and have worth, and that it may even be your defects that make you unique and provide your personal value. 

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Sales Terms

All sales are final unless the product is broken or there is something else wrong with it. 

It is possible to change your order details until it is dispatched. 

DFKT Clothing is not responsible for packages that have been damaged or lost during delivery. 



My name is Jack, and I started DFKT in the summer of 2017 as a way to express myself creatively as well as providing a way for me to share a forward thinking, positive mindset in order to make other people think about how they can better themselves and be proud of who they are, no matter what any one else says. 

I'm a strong believer of doing shit your way and paving your own lane in life, as well as accepting your faults and the shit you've been through, as that has made you to the person you are today, and whatever it is you've been through, it ultimately makes you stronger. I'm also very into loud designs and prints that stand out, and comfort is huge for me when it comes to clothing. DFKT is a perfect combination of all these things, and simply just an extension of myself and who I am.

I work very hard to make sure DFKT keeps evolving and keeps getting better and better. I have huge amounts of love and will be forever grateful for everyone that supports the brand and follows along on the ride!